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Demonstratives - this / that / these / those

this / that / these / those 

The Ant Bully: This, That, These, Those - Demonstrative Pronouns

Fill in the gaps using this, that, these or those

This - These, That - Those

Demonstrative Pronouns Games

This / That / These / Those

English Grammar Games

A vs An - Articles

Noun + To Be + Noun 

Plural Nouns

Possessive Adjectives

Short Answers - To Be

Question Words

demonstratives - exercises

Question Words - online exercises


Question Words English Grammar Games

Questions - exercises 

Questions words: Who...?, what...?

Wh-questions in English – word order

Find suitable answers to the given question words – Exercise

Questions with question words and am, are, is

Questions without question words

Short answers with am, are, is